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Budget spreadsheet is screwed up

March 21st, 2007 at 09:55 am

Well I managed to go over budget last week in several cateogries and as a result I can't balance my spreadsheet.

I was accumulating balances for monthly/periodic expenses. Since I went over budget in some categories, I dipped into this 'savings' and now I can't tie the totals back to my checking account. I've spent far to much time on this so I think I may just have to start over. Frustrating as I had worked so hard on saving towards these expenses and now since I dipped into this money I don't have a true pitcure of what I have saved for each line item. My spreadsheet tells me I have $X but my checking tells my I have $Y.

Let this be a lesson to me to either stop being so anal and trying to budget every $1 or I need to find yet another budgeting spreadhseet.

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