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Expenses and then some

September 16th, 2010 at 10:16 am

So I've been compiling a list of anticipated expenses that we will have in the next few months:

Property Taxes
First payment is due in early December. I normally save incrementally for this with each paycheck but when the savings transfers aren't made, that's kind of not a good thing. I have some money saved but the balance is not what it should be.

Income Taxes
We filed an extension this year because I waited too long to find an accountant to file for us. As it stands now we are owing on the federal portion and getting a state refund but not enough to offset the federal. We are working on trying to get the federal lower.

Brakes on my car
$410 to have them done at the dealership. Iím going to call around and get quotes from mechanics elsewhere.

Again, I normally save incrementally for this but the transfers to savings werenít always made.

My son is going to try out for the baseball team at school. I have no idea what this will cost us if he makes it. I need to call the school and ask.

We planned a trip to Vegas with friends. Airfare was free due to our Mastercard rewards. Hotel was pretty inexpensive. I just need to set aside cash for meals and a show. In hindsight I wish we hadnít agreed to go but nothing I can do about it now.

My son already has braces and my daughter has retainers. We were just told that she will need braces too Frown I plan on asking at their next appointment how much they will cost so we can update my husband's flexible spending account during open enrollment in November.

Glasses for me:
I got a new prescription and need new lenses only. I think I might try ordering through an online site like Glassesusa.com. I can get new frames and lenses for much less than I would pay for lenses alone at Lens Crafters.

So a lot of expenses, outside of our regular ones, and not a whole lot of extra cash leaves me wondering how we will pay for all of this.

October happens to be an extra paycheck month. I think I might use some of that money for our property taxes.

2 Responses to “Expenses and then some”

  1. Homebody Says:

    I missed your last post, so first welcome back. My second thought is that you have to do this!! I live in California too. What is your food budget, what about eating out? Are the reservations already made for Vegas? If not just tell your friends you can't afford it this year. I know you probably do not want to do that, but everyone is hurting in this economy. Where do you grocery shop? I hammer on food because this is the easiest way to cut costs in my opinion!

  2. Jerry Says:

    I know what you mean about glasses being expensive, even with vision insurance. My wife has an expensive prescription and she had some of her glasses made overseas and that can lead to very satisfactory results. She paid about 1/3 the cost, as I recall, and they were great... but it's not always guaranteed!

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