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Budget update

March 8th, 2007 at 10:42 am

I fell off the budget wagon a bit. Not too bad but we went to dinner a few times too many last week. We charge everything to a mileage credit card. Since I've started using it I have been making weekly payments. Paying for these dinners will come from DH's paycheck when he gets paid tomorrow. I wish I had the money for something else but too late now.

Otherwise, things are going well. We actually have cash in the bank, albeit, it is earmarked for other things but our balance has not hovered near zero since I started using our new budgeting spreadsheet and really making an effort to not spend any money.

I'm liking this and really enjoying the fact that finances are not stressful anymore. I am planning ahead for expenses and thinking before buying. It really makes me appreciate the things I buy, especially when they are for me personally.

2 Responses to “Budget update”

  1. JanH Says:

    I, too, have appreciated things a whole lot more since I am more careful about what I buy. I guess I didn't realize it until you said that. Awesome.

  2. Little L Says:

    Hi Jan,
    Yes, being careful about how you spend money makes purchases for 'wants' all that more special. Knowing that I'll have to account for the purchase in my spending plan, I really contemplate if I want whatever it is I am contemplating purchasing or if I want something else more.

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