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Weekend Wrap-up

August 18th, 2008 at 11:08 am

Iíve been trying real hard to not spend money on non-necessities but apparently my husband didnít get the memo. Itís partly my fault because I wasnít real clear about the plan. He is the main breadwinner so I feel a little weird telling him to not spend the money HE earns. He generally is good about money but he has a habit of late of going out to lunch instead of coming home or bringing it to work. Anyways, he went to Subway this weekend and got sandwiches for himself and the kids. I havenít entered the receipt in Quicken yet but it was probably around $15. I later told him that I was trying to not spend money on things we donít need or else we wonít have enough to pay down our car loan. He got the message as he made his lunch on Sunday.

One of my goals, although it isnít posted in the sidebar, is to make and eat more meals at home and Iíve been doing well on this so far. As Iíve mentioned before, dining out is by far our biggest budget buster. Iíve resolved to plan meals ahead of time and grocery shop on the weekends. I have this weeks meals planned and went grocery shopping yesterday. I even bought and prepped some of the goodies that Subway puts on their sandwiches so that my husband can make them at home. Iíve prepped as much as I could last night so meal preparation during the week will be more streamlined. I spent $52 at the grocery store and another $80 at Costco but that was to stock up on some groceries and household things.

I decided to revise my allowance plan for my son. Going to give him $1 for every year of age he is and pay that weekly. The catch is he will have to save half of his allowance. I think he will be pleased with that as he will come out $4 ahead of what I told him I would previously pay him. I figure that is a fair and equitable way to pay him as my daughter is asking to get paid an allowance too. This way they each will get a ďraiseĒ every year.

We pay our credit card bill in full each month. Since we overspent last month and since I have recently paid for those charges, I am finding myself short this month for my savings. Even if I save for just the bare minimum (i.e. half the mortgage, property taxes, emergency fund and half the car payment) I am left with about $110 in our checking. I will need gas this week and a tank costs me in the range of $75-$80! DH does get paid Friday so I may hang on to the money in our checking until Thursday and then transfer to savings. DHís paycheck is direct deposited so by midnight it will hit our account. Hopefully then I can also pay the $200 extra on our car payment. I expect to see better results next month as a result of our reduced spending.

I am getting a $21 refund from an overpayment on my Macyís account. I also have another $20 check refund coming to me for a birthday gift I received by didnít want. I plan on putting that towards our extra car payment or into our emergency fund. Iíll probably wait and see how things fare next month.

This saving money thing is almost becomming a game for me and I am liking it!

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