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Emergency Binder

February 2nd, 2009 at 11:46 am

This post isn't necessarily about saving money but it is financially related in that it will make your lives much easier in the event of a disaster or emergency.

I created what I call an Emergency Binder after Hurricane Katrina. I live in Earthquake country and so the possibility of a disaster is very real, only we won't have advance notice.

I copied ALL of my important papers and documents and put them in a red binder. I have copies of our homeowner's and auto policies, copies of our drivers licenses, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificate, even baptismal certificates. I also have copies of our social security cards, copy of the deed to our house, pink slips, and even info on the dog's shots in the event we need to go to a shelter, I can prove that his shots are up to date.

I also have a sheet of info that lists every credit card we have, account numbers and customer service phone numbers. I also list bank account info, brokerage account info, insurance info (policy nos. and agent phone nos.), Doctor/Dentist info, medical numbers, Vet information, the dog's microchip info, etc etc.

Setting up my binder took a little bit of time but it is well worth. If I ever need it I will have it. I do need to make an additional copy and store it somewhere other than my house (probably my mom's) in the God forsaken event that our house burns down.

I update it periodically as we switch insurers or other information changes.

One last thing, I read this online when figuring out how to set-up an emergency supply kit. If you have pets, keep a recent picture of the pet with a family member so that you can prove that the pet is yours in the event that you and your pet are separated in a disaster. I have a picture of our dog with my 2 kids.

6 Responses to “Emergency Binder”

  1. mackybethsmommy Says:

    That is an excellent idea. Thanks for it. Although having all of your personal information in one tidy little place can be dangerous if someone breaks into your house. I would recommend getting a safe deposit box at your bank to keep it in.

  2. Little L Says:

    Yes, I have thought about that but really, unless someone knows about the binder, I think they will go for other things like the laptop, xbox etc. I don't think a red binder will look too appealing to them lol.

  3. minnie1928 Says:

    I've read about these before...I seriously need to do this. My husband doesn't handle any of the finances, so he'd be lost without me.

  4. whitestripe Says:

    thats a really great idea. you might find you use it for reference for other things as well, seeing as you know exactly where the info is. smart one!

  5. HouseHopeful Says:

    That is an excellent idea!

  6. Little L Says:

    I forgot to mention that I also have a page that has my bill paying procedures, websites, logon info., etc.

    I have indeed used my binder for reference purposes. It's been very convenient to have it on my desk and since it is mixed in with all the kids school stuff, any stranger would never think to look at it.

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