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Soccer is expensive!

September 3rd, 2008 at 09:04 pm

Ordered my daughter's soccer uniform and backpack to the tune of $110! ICK. Who knew that competitive soccer uniforms were so much more expensive than house uniforms.

Haven't found out yet what the fees will exactly be but I have an idea.

I also need to write checks this week for hot lunch at school.

It's only the third day of the month and already it is turning out to be an expensive one.

Allowance for the kids

August 12th, 2008 at 05:48 am

So my son (12 years old) wants an Xbox. He already has a Wii that was given to him by my inlaws. I told him I was not buying him an Xbox so we agreed that he would have to save his money to buy it. He has a few chores he does around the house but I've never paid him for them. We've now agreed that if he does his chores everyday, he will get a monthly allowance totalling $20 per month. So essentially I guess I am buying the Xbox, but I figure this is a good way to teach him how the adults have to do things, i.e. go to work, get paid and save for the things they need or want, versus instant gratification.

I created an Excel spreasheet so he can log when he does his chores and what he can do to earn "bonus points". Not sure how much I will pay him for these bonus points however. I also created an account for him in Quicken, showing his opening balance (the cash he already had) and eventually his deposits.

I plan on taking him to the bank so he can open a savings account. I'm going to link it to my checking account so that I can pay him his allowance by transferring it to his account from mine, since I never carry cash.

So, for those of you that give your kids allowances, how much do you give them?

I waver between paying him an allowance and feeling like I shouldn't pay him for doing things that are already expected of him. I figure as he get older and is wanting more expensive things, now would be a good time to start him on an allowance so he can learn about the value of the dollar. Should have done this a long time ago.